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Check out all the projects I'm working on as well as those that I've finished.

Website Overhaul

This website used to be a hosted on an instance of ghost. But it wasn’t working for me and I just wanted something simple to be able to write about the different things I’m working on. So I exported all my content (a whopping 3 posts) and migrated them to this new site generated using jekyll.

Basement Renovation

When we bought our house we knew that the basement would need some work done on it. The walls were poorly textured, the closets were built incorrectly, and the carpet was not great. Luckily this allowed us to get the house for a bit cheaper than market value and after living in it a while, we got to work.

Sega Dreamcast Tablet

Having had good success with my Dreamcast Portable. I had been wanting to make another one. Only this time I didn’t want to make a portable. I wanted to do something else that no one had done before. At home on break from college I decided to make a Sega Dreamcast Tablet.

Sega Dreamcast Portable

In highschool I really got into electronics and in researching and watching what people had done with electronics I came upon the Ben Heck website and forums. I was hooked and wanted to build my own portable gaming system. As a senior in high school, I didn’t have a job and I wasn’t feeling very challenged in school, so I decided to make my first portable, a Sega Dreamcast.






Matthew Sessions